Travelling by bicycle is one of my passions.
Starting in 1990 I have repeatedly been on the road
and meanwhile spent more then 8½ years
in the saddle, cycling 200 000 km on all
continents (map).
On this website you will find reports, maps
and photos of my journeys. A lot of
information about routes, high passes,
equipment etc. can be found too.

Have fun!

Current activities

I have recently returned from my latest cycle tour. From sep 2012 until nov 2015 I cycled for over 3 years and over 70,000km. I started in Madagascar before riding across Africa from South Africa to Jordan, South to North. 


From Mumbai I started the second part across Asia. After Rajasthan I followed the southern Himalaya passing Nepal, Sikkim, Bhutan and Arunachal Pradesh. In the North of China I continued towards Sibiria, through Mongolia and back to China. With stops in the Phillippines and Indonesia I reached New Zealand


The ride across North America I started in Alaska, cycled the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route across the USA and finally finished in San Francisco. 

So another journey has come to an end. In the next week other adventures are waiting for me, such as searching for a job and an apartment.


I would like to thank all the countless people I met along the way and who helped me in any way. Without them this journey would only have been half as exiting.


In a few hours I will fly home. I am looking forward and consider myself very fortunate that after such a long trip I can still say that it is still the most beautiful place I know…


Semo La, 5575m
Penzi La 4401m

High passes are one of my absolute favorite. On all of my tours big mountain ranges have always played a major role. I usually plan my route so as to cycle as many passes as possible. 

Here I put together lots of information about those passes.



For selected routes I have collected detailed information such as route description, road books, GPS data etc.

My bicycle I always assemble myself. Why I have chosen what I have put together here.  




Here I write aboute my equipment that I use while I am on the road.

Recent travels

Between april 2008 and july 2010 I was on the road again. This time I cycled 61'000km all across Asia and Australia.



In june 2007 we were in Bolivia. For 4 weeks we went mountaineering. We could climb some great peaks in the Condoriri group, Illimani, Sajama and Illampú.


In 2005 I cycled in 13 month from Switzerland to Kailash and on to Hongkong.







San Francisco, USA

I have reached the end of this journey, the Golden Gate Bridge in...

Santa Cruz, USA

I have reached the pacific coast and am already close to San...

Rodeo, USA

After 54 day I have reached the Mexican border and finished the...

Pinedale, USA

After one third of the GDMBR I made a detour through Yellowstone NP.

Banff, Canada

After cycling across British Columbia I have now reached Banff

Stewart, Canada

In the past weeks I cycled across Canada's Yukon and am now in...

Tok, USA

In Alaska I continue my trip.

Auckland, New Zealand

I am back in Auckland where I finish my New Zealand round trip.

Opotiki, New Zealand

I have now reached New Zealands North Island.

Nelson, New Zealand

The last month I spent mostly on the west coast of New Zealand’s...

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Johannes, 11/21/17:
@Raphael: wir wollen während unserem Sabbatjahr 2018 ebenfalls durch den Whakan-Korridor fahren und sind an einem aktuellen Bericht interessiert. Kannst Du uns unter kontaktieren? @Betzgi: vielen Dank für die vielen Mühen mit der Online-Dokumentation! So wie es aussieht hast Du ähnliche Radlziele wie wir! [Internal]Pamir Highway
Niles, 11/08/17:
Betzgi, Could you tell us about the 4 pole screwable connector component that you used? What company manufactures the connector, and do you have part number information for it? Thank you! [Internal]Power supply on the road
Roxana, 08/08/17:
Hallo Betzgi, zu zweit wollen wir nächstes Jahr ebenso eine lange Radreise machen, wohin wissen wir noch nicht. Welchen Schlafsack hast du mitgenommen, was empfiehlst du? Daune oder Kunstfaser? LG Roxana [Internal]Equipment list
Marc Michel, 07/20/17:
Hallo Beat, wielange verwendest du unterdessen die oben genannten Komponenten? Hattest du unterwegs Probleme? Da ich in den letzten zwei Jahren 2 Pufferakkus und 4 E-Werks kaputtgekriegt habe, bin ich auf der Suche nach einer zuverlässigen und langlebigeren Alternative. Was empfiehlst du? Marc [Internal]Power supply on the road
Susanne, 07/13/17:
Hallobetzgi, vielen Dank für die vielen Informationen wir werden Ende August starten, Dushanbe - Osh. Lohnt sich der erste Teil der nördl. Strecke? Unser Zeitfenster ist sehr klein und wir überlegen, ob es nicht schlau ist, bis Garm per Sammeltaxi zu fahren. Welche Medikamente sollte man mitnehmen, bes. Durchfall. Weißt du welche Erreger es dort häufig gibt? Dann könnten wir uns gezielt schon hier etwas besorgen. Schon vielen Dank für deine Ratschläge Susanne [Internal]Pamir Highway

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