Touring map

All my Cycle Tours on one map: 200 000 km across all continents

Outback, Australia

Distances redefined...

East Tibet

River deep Mountain high


Spectacular desert rides

Lake Baikal, Russia

Siberian hospitality and untouched nature

Great Divide Mountain Bike Route, USA

Across North America on the longest MTB route

New Zealand

A cycle touring classic


Land of the nomads and vast expanses


Mountain Kingdom


Salt lakes, Flamingos & Vicuñas


Close up with the Big 5


on the road in one of the most hospitable countries there is.

Western Tibet

Ride of a lifetime...

Guge kingdom

Visiting the old kingdom in Western Tibet


A country as divers as a whole continent...

Kailash, Tibet

The fulfillment of a dream: reaching Mt. Kailash by bicycle


The heart of Africa

The highest passes

I have a passion for high passes...

Pamir Highway, Tadjikistan

A fantastic ride over the 'roof of the world' (Bam-i-Duna) as the Pamir is called by the locals.


I had the great privilege to be able to travel independently through one of the most fascinating countries.


Rogue state, my ass


Fascinating wild life, friendly people, exotic landscapes. A great cycling destination.

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  • Silk Road Mountain Race 2019

    | Cycle Tour Race | 3 Comments

    Because of my job I can only take a maximum of 2 weeks holiday at a time this year. This is not enough for a 'normal bicycle trip'. So what to do? I simply cycle faster! 

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  • Bikepacking Kyrgyzstan

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    Kyrgyzstan was the destination of my latest cycle tour. For 4 weeks I was bikepacking in the Tien Shan mountains.

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  • Bikepacking

    | Equipment |

    For my latest tour I have built a new bicycle.

    No classic touring bike this time, but a touring mountain bike. I also changed my baggage carrying setup, moving from traditional panniers to frame bags and a handle bar harness - Bikepacking as its called.

    Read about the bike I built and my experience with it here.

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  • Mongolia Bikepacking

    | Cycle Tour |

    This years cycling tours brought me back to Mongolia. This time I rode with my mountain bike mostly across the Khangai Mountains.

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  • Cycle Tour Ladakh / Spiti

    | Cycle Tour |

    It's already nine month since I returned from my long trip. About time to spend some weeks traveling by bicycle again. Ladakh & Spiti I have chosen for this trip. 22 years ago (!) I was there for the first time. Of course I am curious to see one of my very first cycling destination again.

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