After only one day of cycling in Uganda I cross the only few meters old Victoria Nile in Jinja. Here at Lake Victoria the river starts its long journey to the Mediterranean.
Kampala is a cyclists nightmare come true. A bottleneck through which all traffic has to squeeze through. Especially the many Boda Boda's (motorcycle taxis) and Matatus (minibuses) with their aggressive driving make my life difficult.
From Kampala I take a bus to the south west of the country from where I cycle back here in the next days. 

Once outside of Kampala, cycling in Uganda is pure joy. Everything is so wonderfully green. Although there are hardly any longer climbs, the road is never flat, but a constant roller coaster ride. Traffic on the good roads is moderate everywhere there are friendly, smiling people. The road through the Queen Elizabeth park is only short and I don't think much about it. But when I see a couple of big herds of elephants right next to the road one morning I am taken be surprise.

For the second time I cross the equator. After that, more and more mountains start to appear next to the road. It is the Rwenzori mountains, the biggest mountain range in Africa along the border with the Congo, over 5000m high.

Following a great dirt road I pass a whole series of small crater lakes on the way to Fort Portal. The only traffic here are the many cyclists who transport the huge banana harvest from the fields.

The cows here in Uganda are especially impressive. They are Ankole cows and have unbelievably huge horns. Some are said to have horns as wide as 3 meters!