• Duration: 830 days
  • Distance: 60,137 Km
  • Of which on dirt roads: 15,113 Km
  • Verticaly climbed meters: 466,177 m
CountryDurationDistanceDirt roadsVerticaly climbed
Kyrgyztan30 days
(4/23 - 5/21)
1850km356km15,125m23 days6 days 1 days 
Kazakhstan31 days
(5/21 - 6/21)
2300km203km10,080m22 days8 days  1 day
Russia16 days
(6/26 -- 7/6)
1250km0km6,550m10 days3 days1 day1 day 
Mongolia70 days
(7/6 - 9/13)
3900km3700km27,155m45 days11 days11days1 day2 days
Japan73 days
(14.9. - 24.11.)
6000km40km59,300m42 days10 days10 days4 days7 days
South Korea23 days
(11/25 - 12/17)
1300km0km59,300m14 days6 days1 days 2 days
Vietnam29 Tage
(18.12. - 15.1)
2220km82km13,100m10 days8 days7 days4 days 
Laos14 days
(1/16 - 1/28)
1100km361km3'829m13 days1 day   
Cambodia22 days
(1/29 - 2/19)
1770km691km5,691m19 days2 days1 day  
Laos North24 days
(2/26 - 3/21)
1550km172km11,200m17 days6 days1 day  
China116 days
(3/22 - 7/16)
8282km1290km91,800m70 days29 days10 days10 days3 days
Australia365 days
(7/21/09 - 7/20/10)
28,131km8207km189'000m275 days58 days15 days10 days7 days
Switzerland11 days
(7/21 - 7/31)
800km11km16'564m5 days3 days 1 day1 day



2'63031.5.2008flat tire, rearspike
4'47025.6.2008broken bolt on rear rack (left) 
10'60030.9.2008broken bolt on rear rack (right) 
11'2007.10.2008flat tire, rearmetal part
16'0003.12.2008flat tire, rearmetal part
16'2305.12.2008flat tire, rearmetal part
18'3008.1.2009flat tire, rearnail
22'20624.2.2009flat tire, frontcrack in tire
27'1004.5.2009flat tire, frontspike
27'5009.5.2009flat tire, rearin the worst mud...
29'0005.6.2009broken bolt on rear rack (right) 
30'55022.6.2009teared off derailleur 
31'65011.7.2009replaced bearing on rear hub 
33'2001.8.2009flat tire, rearmetal
34'15014.8.2009broken bolt on rear rack (left) 
36'00025.9.2009flat tire, rearspike
43'4002.12.2009flat tire, front'Snake bite'
45'00022.12.2009broken bolt on rear rack (right) 
52'30025.3.2010flat tire, trailerspike
54'90026.4.2010flat tire, rearglas
59'60030.6.2010flat tire, rear?
60'0005.7.2010flat tire, rear?

Replaced stuff

7'05028.7.2008break pads, rear 
9'30010.9.2008new tire (Marathon)would still have been good for another 3000km
9'30010.9.20082 new chains, sprocket & chainring. break pad front & rear 
12'40021.10.2008bearing on rear hubhad to be replaced. between Km 10'200 and 24'800) I cycled with a replacement hub
16'50012.12.2008new chain and break pads rear 
24'8004.4.20092 new chains, sprocket & chainring. break pad front & rear, new front tire, break cable, gear cable 
27'70021.5.20092 new tires, break pads front 
30'05017.6.2009new break pads front & rear 
30'60023.6.2009new bottom bracket, new derailleurteared off derailleur
36'2456.9.2009new chainring (middle) 
38'9008.10.2009new sprockets, new chain 
40'00027.10.2009new tire front 
45'10023.12.2009new tire rear 
49'70022.2.2010new tire rear, 2 new chains, sprocket & chainring, new break pads