As I already mentioned: I will not take part in the SRMR19 with the ambition to win or to ride in the top ranks. For me this is simply a personal challenge. Of course I try to optimize my equipment but it's not that extreme. 
On the whole, I will be travelling with very similar equipment to what I usually travel with. The biggest differences are in the kitchen (light gas cooker instead of petrol cooker, no water filter) and the heavy camera which I won't take with me.

But I will take a lot more food from home (bars, gels, powder drinks).

Bike with bags (16.5kg)

I will use my normal bikepacking bike with which I normally travel. Compared to a Carbon Gravel bike it is heavy like a tank, but hopefully as reliable... Details to the bike you can see here. I only change the following things:

  • Lighter saddle I take from the mountain bike
  • fewer bags
  • Front light and rear light (mandatory)

Cloth (2700g)

  • cycling shorts, cycling shirt, socks, cycling gloves, helmet, cycling shoes
  • Long cycling pants (Windstopper)
  • Shorts/T-shirt/Underpants
  • Softshell jacket
  • Goretex jacket
  • Waterproof socks, gloves (2x), cap, arm warmers
  • sunglasses

Sleeping (2750g)

  • Down sleeping bag (-5°)
  • mattress
  • Tent (Exped Vela extreme)
  • packing bag

Cooking (530g)

  • gas stove
  • 0.7 l pan
  • spoon
  • lighter
  • 2 bidons 0.7l
  • pump
  • spare cable
  • spare tube
  • patches & glue
  • chain links
  • tape, cable ties
  • Leatherman
  • Allen wrench
  • Oil bottle
  • GPS
  • Smartphone
  • Headphones
  • Charger
  • USB cable

Care (450g)

  • toothbrush / toothpaste
  • lenses, lens solution, glasses
  • sun blocker
  • lip protector
  • wet wipes
  • ointment for wounds
  • plaster, bandage
  • medication (pain, imodium)
  • Micropur (water disinfection)
  • passport
  • credit card / cash
  • notepad/writing set
  • emergency blanket