Because of my job I can only take a maximum of 2 weeks holiday at a time this year. This is not enough for a 'normal bicycle trip'. So what to do? I simply cycle faster!

After meeting some riders of the Silk Road Mountain Race on the road last year, I was tempted by the idea to take on this challenge. So I applied for the race at the end of last year and I am now taking part in this years event. The SRMR is an 'unsupported, single stage, bikepacking race'. So there is only a start and a finish line and in between everybody has to see for himself. Not so different from how I usually travel, with the small difference that I have to ride a lot more to reach the finish line. In 15 days there are 1670km and 26,000 vertical meters to cover. 

But you don't win such a race by being very fast, but by being very long hours in the saddle! Last year's winner rode 20 hours a day for 8 days straight! Of course I won't do that, I definitely won't ride to win, I wouldn't have the slightest chance. My goal is to reach the finish line in 15 days. That is already a huge challenge for me. I am already in the middle of training, as usual as long as there is still snow (until the end of may) mainly with touring skis and on the indoor trainer, so the bike has to wait until the snow is gone...

this is the recorded race: