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Laguna Hedionda, Bolivia

Mir-i-Arab Medressa in Bukhara, Usbekistan

Jiariren-an 5471m, Tibet

rice paddy in Tam Duong, Vietnam

after Omorate, Ethiopia


What tools and spare parts I take with me depend much on what type and length of trip it is. The following list is what I carry with me on a long trip ( > 1 year).



Before you pack your tools, check what you really need for your bike...

I have replaced most screws with socket screws. Now I only need a set of allen wrench and one spanner for the counter nut. This is my list:

  • Allen wrench 6 / 5 / 4 / 3 / 2
  • Spanner 8/10. Can not be bought that way. I took a 8/9er and enlarged one side...
  • Set of screws and nuts
  • Tooth-brush (for cleaning the chain)
  • Little bottle of oil (especially in dry, dusty regions important for the chain)
  • Saw blade, little file Wire, for tinkering...
  • Glue & patches for tubes
  • Cassette-cracker
  • Cable fixer, tape. You can fix almost everything with these two!
  • Some grease
  • Spoke tool
  • Chaintool
  • Multitool (Leatherman)

All tools I transport in a pouch:

Spare parts

Of course, you can impossibly take spare parts with you for everything that could possibly break.

What I take with me, depends on where I will go. Today, bicycles can be found wherever people live. Most parts, such as tyres, tubes, cables... can be found in most towns, as long as you need nothing exotic.

Should you need something not available, parts can be purchased online and have them sent somewhere. I often use a hot-shower host to have it sent to. This always works well for me.

On a long trip a would carry these parts:

  • 1 chain (I switch chains every 2000km)
  • 2 inner tubes and patches
  • 1 derailleur cable, 1 brake cable
  • 5 spare spokes (correct length...)
  • 4 pairs of brake pads
  • 1 roulette (little wheele in the back derailleur). Often used
  • Spare parts for stove and pump 

That is actually very little, I know. But it works. I have long since stopped taking a spare tire wich me anymore. Most often their expected lifespan can be predicted quite well.

Planned replacements

Everythings breaks sooner or later. It's only a question of time. Some things cannot be planned. But the lifespan of many parts can be predicted quite well. This is what it looks like with my bike and setup:

  • Every 12,000km: 2 new chains, one middle chain wheel, new cassette 
  • Every 20,000km: new tires
  • Every 30,000km: new bottom bracket
  • Every 30-40,000km: new hubs (or replace ball-bearing)