This is a private website. There are no commercial product to buy here, nor can you book a tour.

This site arose out of the idea to let others participate on my travels. The first time went online, was in the summer of 2000. All of the pictures and infos on this website originate from travels, that I did by myself.

About myself

... well, there is not much to say about myself. My name is Beat Heim. I live in Lucerne in the center of Switzerland; the most beautiful place I have come across on my travels...!

When I'm not travelling by bicycle, I spend most of my time in the mountains or work as a software engineer.


The copy rights of all text and photos on this website belong to Beat Heim. Without my explicit approval, no text nor photos may be used for any other purposes.


If I can, I always like to answer your questions about my travels. But I am no travel agency. Questions like " I want to make a 2 month tour. Please make some suggestions I can not answer.


Questions, suggestions, bugs... are always welcome. contact


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