On these pages you will find detailed informations about special routes where navigation or supply can be more difficult. Depending on the place this informations can be GPS waypoints, roadbooks or descriptions. 

Roadbooks and waypoints are great. Mainly in planing a route they can be very helpful. I made them not too accurate by purpose. Everyone should make his own experience. A great part of the fun would be lost if you only stick your head in a roadbook! 

I tried to collect this data as carefully as possible. But it is always possible that I made mistakes or things have changed meanwhile. Please let me know if you find out about such facts! 

Have fun!


All routes that I describe here are not easy and not meant for beginners. Don't underestimate a route! They are only for experienced touring cyclists. You should have experience with planning and navigation. The tracks are often bad and there might be few supplies for longer distances (this is why I describe them in the first place). If I write that there is water, it usually means a river of some sort. Of course this water has to be treated (filter, cooking, chemical).