The Gibb River Road is a dirt road across the Kimberleys in Western Australia. Along the track there are many gorges and water holes. The whole track is very divers.

There are a lot of longer or shorter side trips to these gorges that can be added to the route. The additional routes that I cycled in the west (Windjana Gorge, Tunnel Creek) and  east (Wyndham, Diggers Rest Station) are both well worth it.


There is quite some traffic on the road and the condition of it changes constantly depending on how long ago the last time a 'grader' flattened the surface. Mostly it is more or less washboard style.

The first section passing Diggers Rest (Karunje Road) is quite good but the last 15km are very bad with lots of bull dust where you have to push mostly.


Water is mostly no big problem because you cross many rivers. Most don't run anymore in the dry but have left water holes behind. Once a day you will find water ( about every 60km)

You will need much water on the dusty and hot track (I needed about 10l per day) so I usually carried about 12l with me.


There are 2 little shops along the whole track: one at Mt. Barnett Roadhouse and the  Imintji Store. Both have a limited selection of the most needed. Everything else you need to bring in from Kununurra, Derby or Broome. 

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