Km Place Description
0 Kununurra Leave town to north towards Ivanhoe
14 Ivanhoe crossing Big river crossing, end of asphalt
49 campsite (free) at the riverbank (no swimming)
76 Parry Creek turn off (go straigh), then campsite
83 paved mainroad, go right to Wyndham
93 turn off left to Diggers Rest
100 Wyndham supermarket, campsite
108 Back at the turn off, end of asphalt
126 turn off to dam (3km return)
130 turn off to Diggers Rest (right)
131 Boab Prison Tree
138 Diggers Rest camping
149 follow trail to the right over wide plain (only in the dry)
189 Pentecost River join the Gibb River Road, big river crossing
198 turn off to Home Valley
204 high point
256 Jacks waterhole
284 Durack River
304 turn off to Ellenbrae Station
351 Russ Creek good camp site just before
376 turn off to Mitchell Falls
430 Hann River
446 turn off to Mt. Elizabeth Station
484 Mt. Barnett Roadhouse turn off to Manning Gorge
499 Galvans Gorge
535 turn off to Beverly Springs
564 Imintji Store opens at 8:00 am
572 turn off to Bells Gorge
582 rest area, camping
596 turn off to Lennard Gorge
602 turn off to Mt. Hart
668 Lennard River after river turn off to Windjana Gorge or 120km on paved road to Derby
690 turn off to Windjana Goge
726 Tunnel Creek
784 good camp site with waterhole left
795 highway, asphalt
910 The Boab rest area
972 turn off to Derdy
986 Willare Roadhouse
1046 Nillibubbic rest area
1119 Roebuck Roadhouse turn off to Broome
1165 Broome