The Tasmanian Trail goes right across Tasmania from north to south. The trail was made for mountain bikers, walkers and horse riders. It is mostly on forest and bush trails. Some sections are to difficult with a touring bike and there is a bypass. Sometimes it crosses private land and there is a key to open gates. I did not have that key and had to lift the bike about 4 times over a gate which was no problem. The trail is very divers. The Begin and the end are quite challenging with a loaded touring bike. The middle part is easier.

Location, length

The trail leads from Devonport in the north over 500km right across the island to the Dover in the south. There are 14 sections.


Sometimes the trail is well signposted, other times there is nothing at all. There is an official book with a good roadbook. Unfortunately it is outdated ('99) and not available anymore. To save yourself the trouble of finding the route I would recommend using a GPS (track see below).


About every 30km there is a camp site. That is mostly a simple meadow with a toilet and a rain water tank, a park in a villige or some private camp site. If you are not on private ground there are many options to camp.


Water you will find in the many streams and lakes. I would recommend filtering that. About every 2 days you pass a villige with a simple shop.

I carefully recorded the track, which should be useful to find it (sometimes a bit tricky).

Further information