The Oodnadatta Track is a 610km outback track from Marree to Marla. The track follows the legendary route on which Stuart in 1862 crossed the continent for the first time from south to north. Later the first telegraph line and the Ghan railway was built.

The landscape is surprisingly divers. Every day is different.


Best season is the australian autumn (April - July) it is not too hot anymore and it should be mostly dry.


The surface is quite good, especially the southern part leaving Marree. Sandy parts where you have to push are few and washboard is usually not too bad because this track is quite often being graded. The is quit some traffic on the road.


Orientation is no problem, the route is well signposted. A good map will do.

More informations

Current road conditions:

Supplies, Water

There are two small places along the track: Williams Creek and Oodnadatta. Williams Creek is a Pub where you can drink something and eat but nothing else to buy. You can get water here but you have to buy it.

In Oodnadatta is the Pink Roadhouse that has a small shop with the most important stuff. Other then Oodnadatta ther is also water available at Coward Springs, a great oasis south of Williams Creek. Most of the rivers along the route are dry unless there was rain. There is also a big water hole in Algebuckina.