The ride along the 'Elephant Highway' is rather boring for the cycling: 600km flat and mostly dead straight through bushland. But you will pass through some game parks where many animals can be seen from the road: elephants, giraffes, zebra... There are also lions here! I would not camp in the bush along that route! Wind is often very strong, mostly coming from east or north. 


If you come from Zambia/Zimbabwe: at the crossroads in Kasungula there is a bank with an ATM.


The road is paved all the way. The section from Nata to Kasane has just been newly built in 2013 and is now very good with a wide shoulder.


Between Maun and Kasane there are not many accommodation options. There are also only very few villages. If you don't want to camp in the bush you have to plan a little bit so as not to end up in the middle of the route. Personally I would not camp in the bush here, as there are too many animals (elephants, lions) along the road. Elephant Sands is a great lodge with a water whole, where the elephants come in the evening to drink.


In Gweta and Nata there are small supermarkets and Panamatenga has simple shops. Because there are only few places along the route you will have to carry some more water with you.