The cycling along this route is rather boring, all through flat bushland. You can already look forward to the Okavango Delta where the wildlife is truly spectacular.


The whole road is paved and quite good. There is very little traffic.


In Shakave, the first village after the border, there is a bank with an ATM.


Between Mohembo and Maun and Kasane there are not many accommodation options (see roadbook). There are a few villages along the route. There or at the checkpoint you can camp. Personally I would not camp in the bush here, as there are too many animals (mainly elephants) along the road. 

Tsodilo Hills

A side trip to Tsodilo Hills (UNESCO world heritage site, biggest concentration of rock paintings in Africa) would be possible. I wanted to go there but turned around after 5 km. The road was quite sandy and difficult. Other travelers that I met told me that it will get more sandy and that the infrastructure at the rocks are somewhat dilapidated.


In Shakave there is a supermarkt and most villages have a simple shop. Water you cab get at the villages or at the checkpoint.