Km Place Description
0 Kitale accommodation, supermarket, ATM, internet
85 end of tarmac
103 Marich camp site, simple shops
131 Kainuk checkpoint, camping with police, restaurant, shops
212 Lokichar checkpoint, accommodation, restaurant, shops
244 start tarmac
282 end of tarmac
295 start of tarmac
299 Lodwar accommodation, restaurants, shops, ATM, internet
356 Kalokol accommodation, restaurant, shops, end of tarmac
370 Namadak shop
382 Nasechabuin
386 Kataboi shops
390 Katiko
403 Lomekwi shops
413 Narengewoi shops
421 Nakukui shops
428 turn off to the left to Nairokotome (3km): Mission of St. Paul Apostel with nice guesthouse and good food
451 Loarengak accommodation at mission
471 Todenyang accommodation at mission
480 police camp
482 police checkpoint Kenya
493 military checkpoint Ethiopia
517 Omo River canoe should be about 50-70Birr for a Ferenji
518 Omorate accommodation, shops, immigration