The route leads from Bishkek directly south over the Kegety Pass, then west through the beautiful Karakol Valley and over the most famous mountain lake Kyrgyzstan the Son-Kul to Naryn. A beautiful, not too difficult route.


Kegety Pass

The Kegety Pass is the ideal start from Bishkek because you get off the busy main road and onto a great track immediately. Because the pass cannot be travelled with a motor vehicle, there is hardly any traffic in the valley, with the exception of day-trippers who go for a picnic here. It is a 3000m long steady climb to the top of the pass. The road is mostly quite good and you can ride everything except the last hairpin bend.
On the south side of the pass the old road has been completely buried for a while. On the top 400 vertical meters there is only a narrow path left. If you ride (push) the pass from the south, it is better not to be too heavily loaded.

Karakol valley and pass

After the pass you follow the Karakol valley to the west. A great track here and almost no traffic. Especially to the west of the pass there are some great views of glacier mountains.


The Son Kul is the most famous mountain lake in Kyrgyzstan and therefore the area is a bit touristic. There are quite a few yurt camps here. Nevertheless it is a beautiful landscape with wide meadows and many animals in summer. There are many different roads up to the lake. My choice was not quite optimal, because there is a coal mine half way up here...


In Kyzyl-Oy and Chayek there are CBT accommodations and at the Son-Kul Yurt Camps, otherwise it' s camping.


Simple shops in In Kyzyl-Oy and Chayek. Supermarkets in Naryn.