Great loop down to the border with China and a great mountaibn lake.

To be allowed further south then Tash Rabat you will need a border permit! 


Torugart Pass

The ride on this transit route between Kyrgyzstan and China is not very interesting. Perfect road and (for Kyrgyz conditions) some traffic with a barely perceptible gradient through quite monotonous landscape. Very little water along this section!


After the Torugart Pass, you branch off onto a good gravel road that leads through a completely deserted high valley. The last section up to the lake is particularly beautiful: up and down through green valleys and great views of the mountains ahead. The Kel-Suu is situated between steep rock faces.

The route I took for the return trip to the main valley is much more challenging. First you I have to climb an extremely steep incline (about 40%). Soon afterwards the path becomes a great single trail. Only do it with very little luggage or otherwise via the route on the way in.


Yurt Camp shortly before Kel-See. Elsewhere camping.


Nothing, all along the way! There is not much water to the Torugart pass plus another 40km.