A fantastic ride through the 'Kingdom in the Sky'. No fences, open wide views, dreamlike mountain scenes, idyllic villages, friendly people, great dirt tracks and more then enough challenging passes. This round trip is truly outstanding and can easily take it up with rides in the great mountain ranges of this world.

A very challenging ride indeed for during the 740km you have to climb no less than 16'500 vertical meters, a big part on dirt roads.


The currency in Lesotho is the Maloti. It is fix 1:1 with the South African Rand. You can always pay with Rand, no need to change. Better get enough money (Rand) at an ATM in South Africa. There are only very few in Lesotho.


Generally very little traffic. On the dirt tracks you will meet more horse men than cars! The dirt tracks are mostly good but can get bad after  rain. All climbs are very steep.


In bigger places there are guesthouses (not cheap). Good options are always Farmer Training Centers FTC (Thaba Tseka, Mohale's Hoek, Mphaki, Qacha's Nek). Where there was nothing I always asked in villages if I could camp there. Careful when camping on passes because of the many and dangerous thunders storms (no protection there)! 


Water is never a problem. In the mountains there are many small streams. In villages there is often a communal fountain. Every little village has a small shop but the selection is very limited even in bigger places. Better stock up on goodies (Biltong, cheese, dried fruits, nuts, chocolate) in South Africa.

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