A great mountain bike lap on the Zomba plateau. At 1500-2000m there is quite a different climate and vegetation consisting mostly of pine trees. You travel through dense forrest, past waterfalls and lakes and tere are some nice views down to the Shire valley and Zomba.

Even if it is hot down in Zomba, it can be much cooler up here and there are often clouds. 


As far as the Ku Chawe Inn, shortly after the Mulunguzi dam, it is a good tarred road. The loop itself is a dirt road, quite rough, in parts almost overgrown and sometimes tricky but it can all be cycled. 

In the west there is a road up to the highest point, Malumba Peak at 2087m. On the summit there are lots of antennas and it is fenced off.


There is accommodation in Zomba itself. After 2km along the road to the plateau, there is the Casa Rossa where you can camp. Very good food (italian) but unfortunately the servings are too small for cyclists. On the plateau there is also a camp site close to the end of the tarred road, the Trout Farm.


Casa Rossa 11/30/2013 12:00 am
Hi, thank you for writing about us! We added a "plus" to our dishes, with 1000 MWK you get 50 percent more pasta, mainly for you bikers!