Very diverse route criss-crossing the Khangai Mountains, traversing it 5 times. Every crossing has its own character.


Uliastay - Otgon
A main road, but still very little traffic. After Uliastay there is a nice climb to Ganzin Davaa. The following valley has a sandy, bumpy road. After that a long, slow climb over a high plateau towards Otgon.

Otgon - Gurwanbulag - Khangai
After Otgon it is a beautiful, remote valley following a river towards Gurwanbulag. Often a great single track. The climb to the next pass is very slow on a good track. After a long descent you reach Khangai and later beautiful Tsagaan Nuur. Take one of the first bays for camping as there are many Ger camps at the other end of the lake.

Tsagaan Nuur - Chuluut - Galuut - Bayankhongor
After a short and fast descent on the now paved main road you will leave that soon again for a great track over green meadows towards the next pass. Only the last part is a bit rough. On the descent towards Bayankhongor the landscape changes and becomes a semi desert. With that comes lots of sand and currugation.

Bayankhongor - Tsetserleg
The ride from Bayankhongor to Tsetserleg has by far the worth track with lots of rough gravel. But it is a very scenic crossing. On the north side again forest and flower meadows.

Tsetserleg - Kharkhorin
The crossing form Tsetserleg to Kharkhorin is the most scenic. Nice meadows with lots of flowers, forest and great tracks to ride on.

The last pass is very steep (18%). The ride along the Olkhon river is fantastic. But there are lots of river crossings and some of them are seriously deep and not easy depending on the amount of water in the river.

Route finding

A GPS is recommended for this route.


Ger Camps at Tsagaan Nuur and Hotels/Guesthouses in Tariat, Tsetserleg and Bayankhongo, everywhere else: camping.

Supplies, water

Water is no problem and will find some at least once a day. It is always way drier on the southern side.

In all villagas you will find simple shops with basic supplies. In Tariat, Bayankhongor and Tsetserleg good supermarkets.