An interesting ride through the lonely Bulgan Valley. The border crossing into China has now been open to foreigners for some time already. 


As far as Tolbo the road is newly paved. After that you ride through lonely, dry valleys passing Deluun. At the next pass, the highest of the route with 3085m you will see a true rarity in Mongolia: switch banks! After the pass the track crosses wide high plains before it steeply drops through a narrow canyon. After Bulgan the valley is a narrow rock and stone canyon and only shortly before the finish the green reappears.


Mostly quite a good dirt track. A bit more bumpy in the downhill to the west. The worst part is in the downhill after the high plain (after Otgon). Between Tsahir and Otgon there are only few Gers and few vehicles that go to them. Over the pass itself there is virtually no traffic.

Route finding

Finding this route is rather easy, especially the second part through the Bulgan Valley. For remote routes such as this I still recommend a GPS.


In Olgiy and Bulgan there are hotels. In between it is camping.

Supplies, water

Rather little water during the first part of this route until you reach the highest pass. After that you constantly follow a river.

Buy food in Olgiy where there are good shops. Tolbo, Deluun and Bulgan there are simple shops with a limited selection.


Georg 07/22/2017 08:39 pm
Hallo Betzgi, im September werde ich nach Urumqi fliegen und ab Takeshikenzhen mit meinem Fatty über Bulgan nach Olgii zum Adlerfest fahren. Da du die Strecke vor ein paar Jahren auch gefahren bist habe ich eine Frage: Hast Du damals irgendwelche Permits gebraucht? Meine Rechercheergebnisse sind da leider etwas widersprüchlich.
Betzgi 07/22/2017 08:44 pm
Hallo Georg
Für diese Strecke brauchst du kein Permit

Gruss Beat