Ride through countless beautiful green valleys on a good dirt track. A true pleasure.


You leave the paved main road just before Olgyi Nuur. At the lake there are many Ger camps, also goof for swimming. After the lake the track climbs very steep to a high point. A few km further you find yourself on tarmac out of a sudden. The reason for that can be found a little bit further. There is a museum for which the road from Harhorin was build. This first part is not yet very exiting, so you can also start in Harhorin.

From Harhorin the good dirt track followas the Orkhon river. After that there are lots of small baut steep passes from one valley to the next. Every now and then you have to cross a river, but nothing big. Finally you reach the hot springs of Tsenkher, where they have build a nice bath. From here it is not far anymore to Tsetserleg.


The 50km north of Harhorin are paved because of the museum there. All the rest is a pretty good dirt road, very nice for cycling. Every now and then you have to cross a river, but they are all small. For the big rivers there are bridges.

Route finding

At every opportunity there is a track leading somewhere. Without GPS it would be difficult the keep the overview.


Ger camps at Ogyi Nuur, in the Orkhon valley and at the hot springs of Tsenkher. Otherwise camping. In Harhorin and Tsetserleg there are Ger camps and Hotels. 

Supplies, water

Water is no problem. Between Tsakhir and Otgon you pretty much constantly follow a river. After Otgon there is a stream atop the high plateau and later at the lowest point before Uliastay. 

Buy food in Uliastay or Tsetserleg where there are good shops. In Tariat, Tsakhir and Otgon there are simple shops with a limited selection.


Gone Riding 2015​​​​​​​