From Mörön to the north as far as Tsagaannuur over the Jiglegyn davaa to Khovsgol Nuur and back to Mörön. A great route on hardly travelled 'roads'. The track over the  Jiglegyn davaa is best described as a horse track and for some km you have to push and drag your bike through the deep marsh. The trail along Khovsgol Nuur is fantastic again.


Hardly any traffic at all, only on the last part back to Mörön. At the beginning the track is not easy to find (until Arbulag). Mostly little traveled tracks over meadows, fantastic for cycling! Crossing Jiglegyn davaa there are countless river crossings and at the pass itself you will have to push the bike for about 6km through deep swamp, very tiring. Along Khovsgol Nuur there is some sort of a single trail. From Khatgal back to Mörön it is a real dirt road again.


Guesthouses and ger-camps at Khovsgol Nuur and in Tsagaannuur, otherwise camping.

Supplies, water

In most villages there are simple shops with limited choice. The further north you get, the simpler they get. Water (rivers) are plenty.

Side trips

From Tsagaannuur you can organise a trip with horses to the Tsaatan. Four days you should plan at least. For all excursions from Tsagaannuur you need a permit. Although you should normally get that in Mörön, we were able to organise it in Tsagaannuur itself.

From Khatgal horse riding and walking trips can be organised too.