A great ride along the Namib desert through the Tiras and other mountain ranges. Quite a demanding dirt road and few places with supplies. Lots and lots of animals and finally the sand dunes at Sossusvlei are the main highlights of this route. 

Sesriem / Sossusvlei

There are two camp sites in Sesriem. One at the filling station, really nicely made with individual huts, showers and toilets and a great pool (120 N$ pp). The second one is inside the park with shady trees, a pool and a restaurant (125N$ pp). The site outside is certainly nicer but you are only allowed to enter the park 1 hour after those who slept inside can start driving down to Sossusvlei. If you want to see the sand dunes at sunrise, you have to camp inside the park. For a second night the camp site at the filling station is better, as you would also have to pay the park entrance fee again for that night.

Being as early as possible (at sunrise) at the dunes is definitely worth it. Only in the first hours of the day the colors of the dunes are so intense. After 10 am light is already to bright and it is to hot to walk anywhere.

You are not allowed to cycle the 65km paved road (after that another 5km on soft sand) to Sossusvlei. But it is no problem getting a ride with one of the many rental cars. 


The road as far as to the start of the D707 plus another 30km are quite good. After that it gets for quite some time very sandy where you will have to push every now and then. The rest of the road is rock-hard corrugation and rather tough.


There are quite some lodges and camp sites along the route. But many of them are quite far from the main route. Most of the land is fenced off but wild camping is never a problem although there are very few shady places. 


There are many lodges and farms along the road (where you can get water) but many of them are quite far off the main route. I usually carried water for about 2 days (about 16 liters). Buy food in Keetmanshoop. Tthere are simple shops in Aus, Betta and Sesriem which are quite expensive.


Martin Zettel 12/20/2013 12:00 am
Schöne Website mit vielen interessanten Informationen und vor allem schönen Fotos. Ich war selber schon dreimal in Namibia und kann deine Aussage das Namibia für Velotouren geeignet ist klar bestätigen. Zum Soususvlei, ich konnte 2010 und 2012 jeweils mit dem Fahrrad bis zum Parkplatz fahren. Hätte zudem beide Male die Möglichkeit gehabt mit einem Ranger zurückzufahren.
Gruss Martin