Ride along the famous Fish River Canyon. The very beginning of the track after Aussenkehr and finally the view the huge canyon are truly amazing. The dirt road is mostly quite good. In the summer it can get very hot here.


As far as Aussenkehr it is paved and the last km before Keetmanshoop. Between it is dirt road which is mostly in quite good condition. The climbs are never steep.


In Aussenkehr, Ai Ais, Hobas, Canyon Roadhouse and at the Naute Dam there are camp sites. They are all (save for the last) rather expensive. Wild camping is no problem if it is not too hot.


In Ai Aus there is a restaurant and a simple shop, in Hobas a kiosk and at the Canyon Roadhouse a restaurant. Water you will find at just those places and nowhere else, so plan ahead and carry enough.