The route through the north of Namibia first goes to the Spitzkoppe then passing the rock paintings of the Philip's Cave and Twyfelsfontein and finally through the Joubert Mountains. In the northern part of Namibia there are now fewer white farmers but ever more tiny villages of the Damara, Himba and Herero people. The landscape is mostly semi desert and quite a lot of mountains along the way.  


The first kilometers as far as Usakos are paved, the rest is dirt road. The quality is mostly quite good and often depends on when the grader passed the last time. 


There are only few lodges and campsites along the route. Bush camping is no problem and easier as there are now no more fences along the road.


Between Swakopmund and Opuwo the only good supermarkets are at Usakos and Uis. There is quite a good shop in Sesfontain. In the little villages there is often a tiny little shop but the selection there is very limited.