Beautiful route through the Nubian desert. North wind and the heat are the dominating factors. The first 300km are quite remote through a great sandy desert. For the next 600km the road then follows the Nile. Here there are more settlements but they are often some kilometers off the main road. The last 150km are a nice remote, rocky desert.


There is no ATM that works with international cards in Sudan. Bring enough cash US$! Exchange is best done at the black market where you get a much better rate. 


New, perfectly tarred road.


Along the road the are Cafeterias at regular intervals. Here you can rent a bed frame for the night for a few pounds. At the smaller towns there are Lokandas (simple accommodation). Wild camping is always possible.


At the Cafeterias you can always get Fuuls (bean stew), often bread, Falafel, eggs. In the smaller towns there are simple shops. Water is available at regular intervals along the road in big clay pots. 


Yvonne 02/01/2015 12:00 am
Tolle Fotos!

Ich bin die Strecke vor einem Jahr mit einer Gruppe mit dem Rad gefahren (als gebuchte Tour) - aber mit Rückenwind. :-)
Ich habe vieles wiedererkannt, was eine schöne Erinnerung an die Reise ist, an die ich oft denke.