Kilimanjaro round trip. Very varied with coffee and banana plantations in the east, pine forest in the north and much drier scenery in the west. The summit of Kilimanjaro is often in clouds. Your best chance to see it is in the early morning or late afternoon.


Apart from the 71km between Kamawanga and Sanja Juu, the road is paved. That dirt road section is mostly quite good but the last 20km before Sanja Juu are very bumpy, because there is again more traffic.


Between Maun and Kasane there are not many accommodation options. There are also only very few villages. If you don't want to camp in the bush you have to plan a little bit so as not to end up in the middle of the route. Personally I would not camp in the bush here, as there are too many animals (elephants, lions) along the road. Elephant Sands is a great lodge with a water whole, where the elephants come in the evening to drink.


See roadbook. Especially in the north, you can also bush camp.