At the banks of the Sutley river you will find a landscape totally different to the rest of western Tibet. It is dominated by deeply erodes sandstone canyons. On the way to Tielong you will get a fantastic view of the Himalaya. The ruins of the Guge kingdom are impressive. Unfortunately entry is very expensive (105Y). But it is hard work to get to all these treasures. There are two high 5000er passes on both ways to Tielong.

Current situation

Since April 2008 it has become impossible to enter Tibet individually. That is when mainly the checkpoint have been reinforced with army personal. Because of that it is no more possible to enter without permit as it used to be for many years. This applies for the whole of the TAR.


There are two access roads that lead to Tielong. Both go over great, high passes. The western route is probably the better one, though both are difficult. A big plus is, that there is very little traffic on both roads. Count with 2-3 days for each road.

Accommodation, supplies

Tielong is a surprisingly big place. Here there are hotels, restaurants and shops. Nothing else en route!