If you haven't had enough of the western Tibetean highway, this route is recommended. Something for the hardy cyclist! Challenging route over very high passes. Very remote partly with no traffic at all. You will be rewarded with plenty of wildlife and a spectacular scenery along the route. Hihglight is Loinbo Kangri (7079m) that you pass very close by. All in all tough but great. Loinbo Kangri Pass is for me the most beautiful pass I cycled in Tibet!

Current situation

Since April 2008 it has become impossible to enter Tibet individually. That is when mainly the checkpoint have been reinforced with army personal. Because of that it is no more possible to enter without permit as it used to be for many years. This applies for the whole of the TAR.


Everything from hardly used trails, riverbed like to very good surface. But almost no washboard! Just before Mendong you join the northern route that leads to Ali. More traffic from here on. Before that hardly any traffic.

Accommodation, supplies

Only place along the whole route where you can buy food (good shops) and where there are restaurants and hotels is Mendong (Tsochen). You could go to Lungkar if you need to.