My touring bicycles I always build up myself. I will describe here what parts I use and why.

Why build it myself?

At first because this is fun. But doing it myself has some other advantages too:

  • I can choose for every part what I want to have on my bicycle.
  • Because I build up the bicycle myself, I better know how to repair it later.
  • After building it up I know exactly what tools I need on tour to repair it. With my choice of screws I can even optimize that. This way I know what tools to take with me on tour.

    Touring bicycles can be as different as to tours that you can do with them. Most of my cycle tours in the last years have been multiyear trips out of Europe. Recently shorter, but more challenging (MTB) routes have become more common. That is why I write about the bicycles that I use for those two types of trips.